Dr. Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa

Dr Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa, 2015 Bristol PHD, president of ASDF (association of scientist , developer, faculties)in Africa , MEMBER OF ASDF Governing Council, Member of United Nation in High Level Meeting for SDG 2015-2030 in Sept and Dec 2015 at UN Head quarter AT NY, High Level Speaker in United nation for World Summit Information SOCIETY WSIS 2015, and winner of Best industrial researcher by Asdf in Dec 2014 as 1st one not only from Egypt but also from Arab and Africa countries ,and titled 2 times as E commerce global expert 2014-2015 AND Life Time Achievement by intercontinental who's who and member of international and intercontinental who's who, Member of IEEE , also international journals Author for papers in new technology cloud of things in IJIRD Journal, editor and international conferences program Chief -Guest Honor, Publication Chair, Conference Chair Key note speakers and reviewers. Assem Mousa, serves as E-Commerce Tech Support Systems Manager for Egypt Air. Performing duties as necessary to ensure the continued soundness and stability of operations, he supervises activities and staff involved in maintaining Egypt Air's operation impact at a high level. Mr. Mousa strives to benchmark systems operations against international standards. Possessing technical proficiency and strong leadership capabilities, Mr. Mousa manages the frequent flyer systems for customers as well as ensures availability of systems servers. Charged with developing Egypt Air's strategic planning objectives relating to support systems, Mr. Mousa also ensures that related hardware, software and other components are properly selected, developed and implemented. In addition, he is responsible for monitoring systems to detect problems/deficiencies and recommending changes and solutions as he is skilled at estimating resource requirements/implementation costs. Reporting to the chief information officer, Mr. Mousa has frequent contact with all department managers. Working in a fast-paced work environment, he travels to different locations to ensure operating systems and sub-systems are functional and operational furthering business objectives.